Have you fallen out of love with a luxury item?

Is your closet in need of extra space for the new collection?

Maybe you want some cash for the ones that you don’t use anymore?

Now, it is simpler than ever!

Our goal is to sell your luxury item quickly while bringing the best value within the pre-owned luxury market. With our effective merchandising and market reach, 80% or our luxury items sell within 30 days.

How Does It Work

·      Give us a call at 04 93 72 31 72 or send us an email at with your request, telling us what you want to sell.

·      Our Style team will review your submission and get back to you via email within 24 hours with the provisional pricing of our experts estimation of the price that your item can be sold.

·      You can review our estimation and then send us a confirmation if you agree. If not, you can discuss further your concerns with a member of our Sales Experts team.

·      Once you agree with pricing, you have to provide us with your collection details and we will organize a free courier collection or direct appointment in Monaco. 

·      Immediately after your items are received they will be checked, authenticated, professionally photographed and listed on our website.


Low consignment fees with no transaction costs. We charge a low 35% commission on the sale price, compared to the typical 50% you find in most consignment stores. Additional transaction fees including credit card fees, PayPal fees, VAT, shipping cost and marketing fees are also covered by us. 


Once your item sells, we hold the funds for 15 business days. This is to allow for potential returns. If the item is not returned, we transfer the sale value (minus our commission) to you. We will contact you to provide bank details in order to ensure the safe transfer of your money or it can be done in person at our store or your place of choice.

Contact Us  

For any other questions you can contact us either by phone +33 (0) 493 723172 or by e-mail at and